We’ve finished our first game of skills just in time. Just before the big fight.

Next week on Saturday (September 4), one of our athletes, Arkadiusz Wrzosek is fighting the fight of kickboxing century!

In Rotterdam, the fight of the night, Glory Promotion — Arek Wrzosek is fighting against the legendary Badr Hari on Sep 4.

It allows users to buy NFTs and play a prediction game of skills to win $BLS tokens.

It works like this:

  1. Go to https://nftdeals.io — choose Arek Wrzosek cards. Buy one of the action cards. You can buy multiple cards, you will have multiple…

Staking LP token is now available for all users. In return, it gives users the opportunity to earn generous rewards. Now, you can join the staking program on NFTdeals.io, an ambitious project by Blocsport.one. Join early for extra benefits!

Early bird staking has a huge advantage because rewards are distributed dynamically between the users, so early liquidity providers may earn high triple digit APR %. After the users will start filling up staking, the annual returns should settle within 120–200% APR. Don’t wait to earn much more!

Here is a detailed explainer of the process:


Provide liquidity on PancakeSwap. The direct access to BLS token trading is…

NFT is a game-changing innovation

NFT is the perfect tool to close the market gap between the fans and the young promising athletes, helping the athletes to raise the money and get the exposure required to progress in their career and become new sports icons. The fans and investors can have verifiable ownership of athlete’s assets in the form of NFTs.

Surprisingly, with the NFTs and DeFi platforms flourish, there was no exclusive sports NFT marketplace or DeFi platform that aims to help to close the market gap between the young promising talents and the fans. Now there is one.

Blocsport.one mission and focus

Swiss sports tech company blocsport.one

Olympic records are being broken at a record pace

There are already more than 100 records in Tokyo Olympics just after one week of the Games! The progress in some sports is amazing. The main reason is technological advancement in sports.

Many Olympic sports see huge performance improvements, on the pro, amateur and student sport levels. New world records tend to arrive in clusters, with the technical innovations and pioneering athletes make their mark.

For example, Swimmers have recently benefited from steady progress in the construction of their swimsuits, even after the full-body suits were banned in 2009. The majority of world records in Olympic canoeing and rowing have…

Blocsport.one believes that everyone can be an influencer, so we invented the first affiliate program in the crypto space that enables the community to earn on the NFT sales! You can join now the NFTdeals.io “share to earn program” and earn real BNB on each NFT sale from your referrals!

What is Share to Earn?

It’s a completely new approach to well-known referral programs. Normally they are built-in complicated applications, where you have to be a big internet influencer and then you go through the verification process and can spread the message about the project for the commission at each sale.

We made the program…

NFTdeals.io is an ambitious project by Blocsport.one. It aims to enable young, emerging players to explore the untapped potential of NFT and drive their careers toward success. Unlike other NFT platforms that allow established players and celebrities to release their digital card drops, NFTdeals.io focuses on onboarding and promoting the athletes who are yet to make it big on the international level but demonstrate the potential to do so. The Rising Stars.

Recently, athletes from different sports and countries have joined the Sports NFTdeals.io marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain to release their first ever NFTs. …

We know that not every sports fan and athlete supporter is a crypto maniac (yet!). Great news to our growing community and all the sports fans!

Our goal is to transform the sports business and to expand the emerging NFT & DeFi market. Our mission is to educate the mainstream sports fans on how to use crypto and engage with the athletes and clubs they love in the whole new way. We need to help broad audience to embrace this new crypto world in the smoothest possible way.

All athletes on NFTdeals.io are young and promising rising stars with great…

Dear blocsport.one community, sport lovers and BS1 early adopters, we know your feelings during the last month and especially during the BS1 airdrop discussion.

We all know the crypto market is very volatile, especially the altcoins. Discussion about the BS1 token value in USD before crypto market May collapse does not make sense. BS1 has been affected as the other altcoins by the market situation.

But we are strong fighters and managed the IDO during this turbulent time, although it was not so smooth and successful, as we planned. …

Staking crypto tokens ensures the sustainability of the network. In return, it gives users the opportunity to earn rewards. Now, you can join the staking program for NFTdeals.io, an ambitious project by Blocsport.one.

Users simply need to stake their BLS tokens in order to earn significant rewards and access to the project’s affiliate program. Let’s find out how to join and stake your BLS tokens in this step-by-step guide.


To begin with staking, you need to access the staking pool link https://nftdeals.io/staking-pools/.

Now, connect your wallet to the page and ensure enough BLS (minimum 1 BLS) in your crypto…

Finally, despite the crypto market turbulence, we have done it!
Your BLS token is waiting for you in your wallet. Happy days!

Trading here: PancakeSwap and JulSwap. More listings coming.

Total supply: 950M
Ticker: BLS (Blocsport or BLESS, how cool is that!)
Initial liquidity price: 0.0125 USD
1 BNB = 24480 BLS

Contract: HERE

IDO participants will find the token in the wallet.

To see your token in the wallet you have to add it:

Go to “Add asset” and copy-paste the contact, the token symbol and decimal will be filled automatically. Confirm and you’re good!

Metamask has to be set on Binance Smart Chain in order to see the token.

BLS contract address: 0x708739980021A0b0B2E555383fE1283697e140e9


NFT collectibles, smart sports money on blockchain, player IDs & scouting, crypto transfers & assets tokenization. https://blocsport.one https://nftdeals.io

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