Meet the Rising Stars of the exclusive sports marketplace is an ambitious project by It aims to enable young, emerging players to explore the untapped potential of NFT and drive their careers toward success. Unlike other NFT platforms that allow established players and celebrities to release their digital card drops, focuses on onboarding and promoting the athletes who are yet to make it big on the international level but demonstrate the potential to do so. The Rising Stars.

Recently, athletes from different sports and countries have joined the Sports marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain to release their first ever NFTs. Digital collectibles provide their fans with an interactive experience to connect with their icons and own a piece of the future legends, thanks to blockchain NFT technology.

Most of the athletes are representing their countries at the Olympics, currently in Tokyo, or in winter Beijing games, or training hard for the next games in Paris, where new spors will be added to the Olympic list. When the athletes win an Olympic medal, it can give a significant boost to their NFT value. Let’s have a closer look at the rising stars already signed and available at the

Emerging, Up-and-Coming Athletes on

Domen Prevc | Ski Jumping | 🇸🇮

Domen is a 22-year old champion Slovenian ski jumper. His two brothers, Peter and Cene, both are also World Cup ski jumpers. His older brother Peter Prevc is the 2016 Ski Jumping World Cup winner. In the 2016–17 world cup player rankings, Domen reached the 6th spot. Experts believe that he is a highly prospective and talented ski jumper who can outclass his older brother. Considering this fact, his NFTs can prove highly beneficial for early investors.

Markus Thormeyer | Swimming | 🇨🇦

Markus Thormeyer is a 23-year old Canadian competitive swimmer. His specialties lie in freestyle and backstroke. He won gold and two bronze medals at the Canadian Olympic Trials in 2016. After that, his name was announced for Canada’s 2016 Summer Olympic team. Thormeyer is one of the 26 swimmers of Canada’s 2020 Olympic team, eyeing a medal for his country right now in Japan!

Denis Taradin | Kiting | 🇷🇺

Denis is an world top kiteboarding star from Russia. He has been a winner of American, Asian, and Russian championships. He has also got the 1st rank in the pre-Covid World Rating in 2018–2019. He is a Formula Kite World Championship medalist. Kiteboarding will become Olympic sport very soon, so Denis is training hard for Paris 2024, while taking part and winning in various world-class events, for example the opening event of 2021 Formula Kite season!

Lana Pudar | Swimming | 🇧🇦

Lana Pudar is a 15-year-old swimming sensation from Bosnia & Herzegovina. She is an Olympic A cut holder representing her country in Japan. Although she lacked an Olympic-size swimming pool for training in the Bosnian town of Mostar, it could not stop the teenage star swimmer from winning three medals on European Junior Swimming Champion 2021, including Gold for 100m butterfly, and competing with the best in the 100m butterfly competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

David Zec | Soccer | 🇸🇮

David Zec is an emerging 21-year old Slovenian professional footballer. He played as a centre-back for Slovenian club Celje, Ukrainian club Rukh Lviv and Portuguese club Benfica, making a significant market value in the space with promising career ahead.

Alexandra Guleikova | Billiard | 🇷🇺

Alexandra is a 17-year old Russian billiard player. At the age of 16, she has already won Eurotour Silver in 8-ball among adults. She has also won various U18 European and National titles. They include gold of the Dynamic Billiard European Youth Championship 2019 in 8-ball, and the Russian championship in three disciplines: 10-ball, 9-ball, and 14.1. She is indeed a rising billiard star with a promising future.

Saja Kamal | Soccer | 🇸🇦

Saja, from Saudi, has played on the highest as well as the lowest altitude football World Record matches. She is a perfect example for women who are breaking stereotypes despite all the challenges. She has participated in world-record-breaking matches, including Kilimanjaro 2017 — FIFA-accredited highest altitude game of football, Jordan 2018 — FIFA-accredited lowest elevation game at the Dead Sea, and France 2019 — Official Guinness World Record holder FIFA Women’s World Cup match.

Alexandra Lukoyanova | Sailing | 🇷🇺

A rising sailing star from Russia, the 16-year old is a European and Russian youth championships winner. In her young age, she is already a Youth European and Russian national championships winner, medalist of Olympic class senior events and the Russian National Team top sailor, sub for Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games and contender for 2024 Olympic Games in France.

Valeria Garashchenko | Kiting | 🇷🇺

Valeria Garashchenko is a Russian sea and snow-kiting rising star. She has already became Snowkite World Cups’ female winner and has won medals in absolute standing. She is also the winner of Red Bull Ragnarok. Kiteboarding will become Olympic sport very soon, so she is training hard for Paris 2024, while taking part and winning in various world-class events, European and national championships.

Tjasa Ristic | Karate | 🇸🇮

Tjasa is a young karate champion from Slovenia. She has won the gold medal in the 2018 Mediterranean Games. She is also a medalist of the 2018 European Karate Championship and silver medalist of the 2019 European Games. She is a dangerous and beautiful karateka with a potentially bright future career.

Roberto Victoria | Soccer | 🇩🇴

Roberto Victoria is a promising Spanish soccer player. He plays with Delfines Del Este of Dominican Republic. The 19-year old is a talented forward/winger. He was the top scorer and co-MVP (most valuable player) of the Caribbean Flow Championship 2021.

David Iyombe | Soccer | 🇨🇬

David Iyombe from Congo is a young 17-year-old highly promising winger. He has been linked with a few clubs in Europe already. Once he gets 18 years old, he will be transferred to Europe. Soon, the value of his NFTs may provide compelling upside potential with his career development.

Great stories! Why buying rising stars NFTs?

Buying NFTs of these young, up-and-coming athletes ahead of big world class competitions such as Tokyo Olympics provides early investors a unique investment opportunity. They can get collectibles of these high-potential emerging star athletes when they are just promising talents. When they perform well at international levels and become global stars, their NFTs can provide significant upside value potential.

Visit to browse the official NFT collections of these emerging athletes and buy for crypto or credit cards.




Web 3.0 metaverse, smart sports money, athlete NFT launchpad & assets tokenization.

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Web 3.0 metaverse, smart sports money, athlete NFT launchpad & assets tokenization.

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