🔥 BLS tokens burning for every record of Tokyo Olympics

Olympic records are being broken at a record pace

There are already more than 100 records in Tokyo Olympics just after one week of the Games! The progress in some sports is amazing. The main reason is technological advancement in sports.

Sports, tech and Prometheus fire of human progress

Blocsport.one is a tech company that is transforming the sports business by building a transparent and reliable sport ecosystem uniting athletes, clubs, and fans, based on blockchain. Our mission is to advance the world of sports. We are pushing the progress to the new frontiers with our Web 3.0 solutions.

What is the BLS token and how it will be affected by the burning?

The total amount of BLS tokens issues is 950 Million. BLS is a utility & governance token that serves utility purposes of staking to generate passive income, affiliate Share & Earn program access to get a commission in BNB for the NFT sales, participating in promotions and burning to access exclusive NFT Limited Editions and special deals. More utility usage mechanics will come with gamification and DeFi solutions that we are working on.

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