Market situation and challenges

Dear community, sport lovers and BS1 early adopters, we know your feelings during the last month and especially during the BS1 airdrop discussion.

BS1 is a utility token

Before we deep dive in the BS1 options discussion, let us remind the basics. You know this well, but this clarifies many questions.

Why people bought BS1 tokens

Now let’s check, why people bought BS1 tokens, and were we are today:

Future of the BS1 token

You know the reasons behind the tokens split and launch on Binance, described in the June 1 announcement.

Bonus tokens airdrop for BS1 holders

The second solution announced on June 1 to keep BS1 holders happy was the airdrop for a new token at ratio 1000:1 (as we planned a trillion of the new tokens that time), applicable to BS1 holders at the time of this announcement. This ratio has been calculated to balance the new token supply and the IDO pricing with the BS1 market value at the end of May, with nice round up to favor BS1 holders. This was accepted by the community after few questions asked early in June.

UPDATE: Voting outcome and BLS airdrop instruction

The voting resulted in a preference for the BLS airdrop over the BS1 liquidity, and keep/kill BS1 was at parity. In the best interest of the project and BS1 & BLS token holders we had carefully crafted a compromise solution that suits the strategic partners and all the token holders: to focus on one BLS token and to provide 1:1 BLS airdrop to all BS1 holders, with extra 50% loyalty bonus airdrop for those who will hold the airdropped BLS amount in December’21.

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