Game of Skills is ON! Enter with Arek’s NFT and WIN BIG!

We’ve finished our first game of skills just in time. Just before the big fight.

Next week on Saturday (September 4), one of our athletes, Arkadiusz Wrzosek is fighting the fight of kickboxing century!

In Rotterdam, the fight of the night, Glory Promotion — Arek Wrzosek is fighting against the legendary Badr Hari on Sep 4.

We have just launched our new feature which is game of skills.

It works like this:

  1. Go to — choose Arek Wrzosek cards. Buy one of the action cards. You can buy multiple cards, you will have multiple chances. Each card has a different $BLS pool to win. The more expensive, the highest the reward.

2. Go to the section with Game of Play. Cast your vote. Wait until the fight. If you scored the best result against the other participants, you will sweep the whole $BLS pool!

Video tutorial step by step:

Learn more about Arek Wrzosek

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