How to Join the IDO of and Invest in BCS1 Tokens on JulPad

We are thrilled to announce that finally, IDO (Initial DEX offering)/public sale for’s BCS1 token is going live on JulPad on 21.06.2020

For the uninitiated looking to invest, here are a few simple steps to breeze you through the process of investing in the IDO on JulPad.

Step 1- To begin with, visit Here, you will find a range of projects for IDO. You can easily find project and see that it is verified for quality.

Step 2- Now it will require you to connect one of your available crypto wallets, either MetaMask or WalletConnect.

Then, you can visit the project to join the IDO of the project and buy tokens.

Step 3- Once successfully connected, it will lead you to the following page. Here, you can find various details about the project. The first section displays your JulPad Tier level. Each tier gives users added benefits during the token sale of a project. Users need to buy JulD to unlock tiers.

On this screen, users can find various details about the IDO, including its start time, start date and end time, sold tokens, remaining tokens, deposit period, total USDT Deposited, max deposit Available, and your share.

Step 4- In the following screen, a user can find information about the project, such as token sale price, website, whitepaper, and important contract addresses.

Step 5- Now, a user needs to deposit USDT tokens from their available USDT tokens and approve the transaction to claim BCS1 tokens.

A user can invest min 1 $USD, max $17500 USDT.

Tokens will be assigned to your account automatically. You just need to go back to after the complete IDO and click the button Claim tokens. It applies to both PRIVATE and PUBLIC investors. Both of you can Claim tokens after IDO automatically on JulPad site.

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