unique “share to earn” mechanism is here! Earn real BNB on each NFT sale! believes that everyone can be an influencer, so we invented the first affiliate program in the crypto space that enables the community to earn on the NFT sales! You can join now the “share to earn program” and earn real BNB on each NFT sale from your referrals!

What is Share to Earn?

We made the program very simple to use and fully automated.

Now, you can spread the message and attract potential buyers of the valuable NFTs available on and earn 3% commission without any verification with the real money (in BNB) delivered to your wallet address.

How does it work?

Buy BLS here:

If you already have BLS, good for you. Consider to buy more as the price can skyrocket!

When you have BLS in your wallet and stake our tokens at the staking page then you can go to and follow below:

There are 3 simple steps.

  1. Connect your wallet (remember to set it up to the Binance Smart Chain network).
  2. Generate your unique link (you need to generate it only once. We will keep the link + your wallet connection, so there is no need to keep coming back).
  3. Promote and the collections wherever you can with your personal link. Check your progress and how much money you already earned!

So simple!

We also give you the example message you can copy on the internet to promote the project (but you can use your own customized messages, of course).

How would this unique link work?

Please know that at the moment only people who pay with crypto will count into your balance. If someone uses your link and pays with a credit card, that will not update your score.

Building Blockchain of People (TM)

We empower the NFT community, the creators and the promoters too!

So simple to earn wih! Join now!

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