Pay with a credit card on!

We know that not every sports fan and athlete supporter is a crypto maniac (yet!). Great news to our growing community and all the sports fans!

Our goal is to transform the sports business and to expand the emerging NFT & DeFi market. Our mission is to educate the mainstream sports fans on how to use crypto and engage with the athletes and clubs they love in the whole new way. We need to help broad audience to embrace this new crypto world in the smoothest possible way.

All athletes on are young and promising rising stars with great career ahead, brought to you by experts right on time to maximize their assets growth potential. They have local and some global supporters already, who want to get their NFT digital collectibles, but have no idea how crypto payments work.

That is why we have introduced credit card payments for NFTs!

How will that work?

Now when you will buy a NFT you will have a choice to:

  1. Pay with crypto
  2. Pay with a credit card

The process of purchasing NFT has few simple steps. First you browse our athlete collections on the main page.

After you decide which athlete you want to invest in, you select the one and browse through the athlete collection.

Then you click the NFT you wish to buy and open the description screen.

At the bottom, you see two options.

  1. Buy now allows paying with crypto (for this you need to connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain).

2. Pay with Stripe provides a choice of credit cards to pay (you don’t need to connect to your crypto wallet).

If you select the second option, the Stripe payment screen will come out.

You will need to provide your email address and see the final price recalculated into US dollars. You will be paying in dollars using your Visa / Mastercard / AmEx card.

What will happen next?

Now, we need to finish the token mint for you. Because you didn’t give us your wallet address we have to:

  1. Contact you at your mail address within 48 hours
  2. Get your wallet address (don’t worry we will send you a simple instructions on how to set it up — it takes 5 minutes!)
  3. Mint your token and send it to your wallet address.
  4. Every time you will access our marketplace from your wallet address, your NFTs will appear in your “My Items” tab.

So simple to become a digital collector with!




Web 3.0 metaverse, smart sports money, athlete NFT launchpad & assets tokenization.

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Web 3.0 metaverse, smart sports money, athlete NFT launchpad & assets tokenization.

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