Rising Sports Stars Accelerator built on NFT & DeFi — perfect for NCAA athlete image rights

NFT is a game-changing innovation

NFT is the perfect tool to close the market gap between the fans and the young promising athletes, helping the athletes to raise the money and get the exposure required to progress in their career and become new sports icons. The fans and investors can have verifiable ownership of athlete’s assets in the form of NFTs.

Blocsport.one mission and focus

Swiss sports tech company blocsport.one is building a transparent and reliable sports ecosystem uniting athletes, clubs, brands and fans using blockchain. The company was created in 2019, headquartered in Zurich and to this day went through 2 successful investment rounds.

Why buying NFTs of young athletes?

There are tons of NFTs nowadays available in many cluttered marketplaces, mostly having no value whatsoever. But the NFTs representing real assets of athletes that have high chances to become the next famous global stars are a different story.

The Rising Sports Stars Accelerator

Blocsport.one is developing a platform to select, crowdfund and nurture the young athletes, to grow the emerging sports stars at scale. We are aiming to make a significant impact on the way the sports market works now.

NFTs 2.0 in the making

There are many options that brands, fans and collectors can interact with the athletes and Rising Sports Stars Accelerator pushes today’s NFT offering to another level.

Beyond NFTs — institutional sports

Blocsport.one already have the football (soccer) Scouting App beta live, with biometric-powered athletes IDs stored securely on the enterprise-grade blockchain, with the athlete’s profiles, performance records and professional videos available on the transparent and secure platform.

Blocsport.one ecosystem

NFT collectibles, smart sports money on blockchain, player IDs & scouting, crypto transfers & assets tokenization. https://blocsport.one https://nftdeals.io