Blockchain of People launching on Polygon!

“To my mind, the old masters are not art; their value is in their scarcity”. — Thomas A.Edison

What is NFT marketplace (, smart sports contracts and DEFI money? started operations in late 2019. Initially, we focused on implementing our MVP solution for smart sports contracts with a particular interest in football. MVP was finished in May 2020 and offered to the market. We created a bridge. The bridge is connecting emerging markets like Africa and S America with more developed like Europe and N America.

MVP has powerful features allowing clubs to communicate directly and strike the deal creating a fully digitized smart contract on blockchain by moving the player between clubs at the same time. This solution uses private blockchain for data protection and secrecy of club to club transactions. It brings a lot of benefits — reduction of legal cost and unnecessary middlemen. It builds trust around the digital player profile with verified transparent data.

Despite covid difficulties, several players were moved between clubs and the first smart contacts signed.

The new idea — as an exclusive sports platform

Now, we are moving forward with the new idea and we are building the bridge again. This time with Polygon and on public blockchain which is Ethereum.

Our exclusive platform for athletes allows producing their own digital content and offer it to their beloved fanbase. It brings athletes, brands and collectors together in search for up and coming stars of the future and their valuable collections that might be worth millions now or tomorrow.

We are pushing the NFT market forward with the ability to tokenize contracts and a new authentication method trademarked by us — Blockchain of People (TM).

The platform got a separate domain and a fresh less business and more “cool” look than parent company but here came a problem. The fees.

Polygon.Technology to the rescue

Each blockchain transaction on Ethereum, despite how awesome it is, comes with around 30–50 dollars in cost. That is why we decided to move to Polygon as it’s the best L2 solutions by far at the moment.

The warm welcome that we got from the Polygon (former Matic) team and the level of support is amazing. We are more than happy to continue our work and develop our first NFT drops soon on

Currently, we are mapping our contracts and in the near future, we will create the first digital collections on our platform. and token can be bought on Uniswap here:




Web 3.0 metaverse, smart sports money, athlete NFT launchpad & assets tokenization.

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Web 3.0 metaverse, smart sports money, athlete NFT launchpad & assets tokenization.

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