Jun 24, 2021

2 min read

Your BLS is distributed!

Finally, despite the crypto market turbulence, we have done it!
Your BLS token is waiting for you in your wallet. Happy days!

Trading here: PancakeSwap and JulSwap. More listings coming.

Total supply: 950M
Ticker: BLS (Blocsport or BLESS, how cool is that!)
Initial liquidity price: 0.0125 USD
1 BNB = 24480 BLS

Contract: HERE

IDO participants will find the token in the wallet.

To see your token in the wallet you have to add it:

Go to “Add asset” and copy-paste the contact, the token symbol and decimal will be filled automatically. Confirm and you’re good!

Metamask has to be set on Binance Smart Chain in order to see the token.

BLS contract address: 0x708739980021A0b0B2E555383fE1283697e140e9

At the time of publishing, liquidity is provided on JulSwap and then on PancakeSwap. We will follow up with additional liquidity on other DEXes.