Into is a technological company from Switzerland, headquartered in Zurich, that uses blockchain and biometrics to create solutions helping sports operate in the most efficient manner.

We have a vast portfolio of sports applications and we are creating a complete digital ecosystem for sports that is fully decentralized and cuts through unnecessary middlemen.

Our future desire is to become the one-stop-shop sports tech reference for all things digital with complete and secure blockchain transactions, digital players registration, NFT monetization and powerful tokenization of sports assets.

The big picture

We are happy to share our litepaper. The document is divided into few sections including:

  1. Current market condition
  2. Future answer
  3. Solution — digital player
  4. Solution — smart sports transfers
  5. Solution — tokenization
  6. Solution — NFT marketplace & player index
  7. BS1 utility token

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More info about our NFT:

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Keeping a tab on the astounding array of information that keeps coming at us about emerging technologies can be challenging. From the buzz about the pricing of Bitcoin to the latest information about blockchain technology and so much more, not knowing enough about the trending blockchain-powered non-fungible tokens (NFTs) should not create a FOMO. This quick guide is here to help you understand everything about NFTs, including what they are, how they work, why they are becoming increasingly valuable, and how you can get started.

What are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

NFTs are tokenized representations of tangible and intangible assets such as artwork, contracts, and collectibles… has created a utility token (not a crypto-investment) for our services. Ethereum token has a ticker BS1 and is ERC20 token standard.
Contract on Etherscan: HERE

For more info click here: Uniswap Pool BS1 — ETH

Token (ERC20): 100.000.000 units, BS1
Main purpose: governance, stability, liquidity

FAQ — token information, crypto-investment

1. WHAT IS BLOCSPORT.ONE TOKEN? token is an ERC20 token that serves as a utility token for the ecosystem to give you access to special services offered by our dapps. It’s not a typical crypto investment and it shouldn’t be treated this way.


The token is for project supporters, collectors and gives access to services not available…


For young athletes, branding themselves online has become imperative to drive their success as up-and-coming professional sports stars. Personal branding helps them convince current and future prominent sponsors and brands that they can be a beneficial fit for their organization. It supports them in creating sufficient public goodwill to begin and sustain their philanthropic initiatives while also propelling their professional career.

NFT, Blockchain, and Smart Contracts for Young and Emerging Athletes

However, challenges in the form of various complex rules and regulations, sports contracts, archaic and centralized sponsorship processes, and branding strategies make it difficult for them to establish themselves in the sports space. Consequently, young athletes capable of emerging…

We are happy to announce that we have a magnificent collectible Porsche in the lottery offered to our beloved community.

It’s collectable Porsche 911, from 1978 and connected by vehicle identification number to NFT. It belongs to Slovenian ski jumper Domen Prevc. Pretty cool right?

The car is not digital. It’s a real car and you can have it. We will ship it for you!

If you want to participate here are the rules:

- First 400 unique token buyers will get 1 vote — BUY TOKEN ON UNISWAP HERE

- First 600 NFT buyers will receive 1 vote (our…

“To my mind, the old masters are not art; their value is in their scarcity”. — Thomas A.Edison

What is NFT marketplace (, smart sports contracts and DEFI money? started operations in late 2019. Initially, we focused on implementing our MVP solution for smart sports contracts with a particular interest in football. MVP was finished in May 2020 and offered to the market. We created a bridge. The bridge is connecting emerging markets like Africa and S America with more developed like Europe and N America.

MVP has powerful features allowing clubs to communicate directly and strike the deal creating a fully digitized smart contract on blockchain by moving the…

Domen Prevc, NFT collection & Porsche on lottery

Domen Prevc, a wunderkind ski jumper from Slovenia is the latest addition to NFT hype around the world. With his approach and contribution to the NFTs, crypto and blockchain in general, he is changing the game. Before we talk about NFT Porsche let’s take a look at his career.

Early days & career development

But first, let’s take a look at his background. Domen Prevc was born 4 June 1999 and he is the younger brother of world cup ski jumpers Cene Prevc and Peter Prevc. From his young age, he fell in love with sports and nature. He was quickly discovered as one of…

The sports industry is particularly tailor-made for innovation through tokenization and contracts on blockchain technology. Read on to discover how emerging concepts can transform the sports space.

Blockchain-based Tokenization

Tokenization is the process of creating digital tokens of real-world or intangible assets of value on Blockchain. These tokens (fungible and non-fungible) can range from cars and real estate to sports teams, sports club assets, in-game purchases, and more. Owners of these tokenized assets become entitled to gain benefits from various rights, including ownership, contractual events, profit participation, governance, and more. Essentially, tokenization and contracts unlock the value and utility of such previously…

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are currently one of the hottest and trending topics in the digital world. You surely would have heard about people spending millions of dollars on NFT-powered scarce digital arts and collectibles, like short video clips (NBA Top Shot), custom sneaker images (OpenSea), and more. It is because what started as a short-term fad is now turning into sustainable long-term investment opportunities.

NFTs encompass anything tangible or intangible of value, from virtual real estate and gaming to digital sports trading cards and arts. But, what is the significance of NFTs in the sports industry? What do NFTs have…

NFT collectibles, smart sports money on blockchain, player IDs & scouting, crypto transfers & assets tokenization.

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